The truth about “Pherotalk” (PheromoneTalk forum)

pherotalkMost people that know me, probably are quite aware of just how much I dislike Androtics Direct and their business practices – especially on their PheroTalk forum.

In fact, if I were to guess, I’d say they’ve been on the verge of going absolutely bankrupt because they are losing BIG TIME to other outstanding pheromone vendors that have popped up in recent years.

Today I want to talk about something else though, and that’s Pherotalk (or — the official Androtics Direct forum…

In the article I linked above, I briefly touched on some of the bizarre antics that go on there, such as blanking out names of other vendors, or talking about how other vendors are ripping people off, when they’re the guiltiest of them all.

For example, a product called Instant Honesty, jumped from it’s price tag of $50 to more than DOUBLE that — to $120. Now, this product is made up of 2 very common pheromones, alpha androstenol and beta androstenol. There may be a touch of another proprietary pheromone in there, but at its core that’s all it is…

NO other vendor raised their prices.

What reason did Androtics Direct give?

That their molecules went up in price, and they had to include it in the newly updated price… unfortunately, that was complete BS. They were fully aware that they were lying to their customers and it showed, big time.

On Pherotalk, they continue to lie about how “scarce” their molecules are, which is a very poor way to run a business.

And after many months of complaining from users, they still haven’t changed – it just goes to show that they are only in it for the money and simply do not care for most loyal users of their product line (mind you, they’ve lost a very large chunk of their customers).

So if you are thinking of joining pherotalk, or pheromonetalk – it’s very important to consider the fact that there are a number of suspiciously “raving” fans who will answer every single post about any query.

Now, I don’t know anybody that has enough time to rack up over 10000 posts on a forum about pheromones…

… unless of course they were getting paid for it.

One such user goes by “mobocaster”, and I strongly believe “he” is an owner or employee of Androtics Direct.

Now, I know there are “diehard” fans for a lot of brands out there – but pheromones are a very niche, and very small part of most of our lives. Sure, we might be aware of them and take them a bit more seriously… but they still revolve around our lives. Our lives don’t revolve around THEM.

Another thing that irks me is how childishly they treat their readers on the forum – any mention of another brand like Liquid Alchemy Labs, PheromoneXS, Alpha Dream, or any other can get you a “warning”… um, what?

Yes, it’s true. Although I don’t have a screenshot, you’ll often see sprinkles of this type of behavior from the moderators all over the forum. People are actively discouraged from looking outside of the AD product line, or even asking about other products.

If you ask me, it’s just them hanging onto the last few tree branches before the evaporate into an epic failure. Things would have been different if they haven’t decided to rip people off – but hey, atleast there are fantastic alternatives out there.



Pheromones are powerful, but they’re not magic

pheromones for menMost people turn to using pheromone colognes and perfumes because they are made promises that it will be easy to lay women with a few magic sprays of X pheromone cologne or perfume.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that… however, they can make your job easier.
They will provide a powerful, attractive aura which can help people (especially women) see you in a very attractive new light and give you an “edge” over your competition.
At Pheromones Site, we demonstrate how certain products can give you a very attractive aura which is almost magnetic.

Navigating your way around the world of pheromones can be a confusing task – frankly, there are just way too many products on the market that simply don’t work. And there is also a lot less time as House Of Pheromones continues to grow almost every single day.

From now on, Phero Joe will be offering consultations on the best pheromone products for you to try, because the amount of queries is getting too much to offer for free.

Some people constantly inquire with in depth queries about everything to do with pheromones, romantic situations and it’s simply way too much of a time suck to be able to help everyone. If you need help. I highly recommend getting in touch so that I can quote you on how much it will cost to help.

What To Look Out For Before Investing In Pheromone Colognes

pheromone colognes for menLet’s face it – pheromone colognes and perfumes have always raised an eyebrow for most people whenever the subject comes up (if it does, you have some really cool friends).

Part of the reason this is, is because pheromones have long been advertised in a sleezy manner – promising men the keys to kingdom of instant attraction, and hordes of women chasing after them.

The fact is, pheromones just don’t work like that. We know they’re effective, but how much?

Well, it depends on the products you’re using, your natural personality, and your natural pheromone signature… naturally, some pheromones for men just don’t work for certain people because it’s a direct contradiction of who they are.

For example, a product like Alfa Maschio would work for guys who are assertive, dominant, and feel themselves to be “worthy” of attractive women… however, someone who has no natural game, has a tendency to be shy, might find the product to cause anxiety or simply not “work” for them because of how they naturally come across.

The pheromone signature simply doesn’t match some people.

At the same time, I believe that’s the beauty of pheromone products… they give you a powerful aura, and allow you to “adopt” some of those traits that they project. Someone who IS a little on the shy side, might find that Alfa Maschio gives them a shove in the right direction when it comes to how to approach gorgeous women.

The same can’t be said for a large majority of vendors out there who simply promise junky products. If you follow the link to the article above, it’s a bit of a “gag” just to show you how easy it is to be mislead online when it comes to choosing products.

Anyone can throw up a website and write a positive, half-assed review on a product they’ve never tried… that’s why I also link to the REAL reviews on the vendors that actually deliver quality products. Some of my top picks include products from Liquid Alchemy Labs, PheromoneXS, Hax Pheromones, Pheromone Treasures, and more.

House Of Pheromones was designed to give you the level up when it comes to choosing the right products that fits your natural personality.

That’s why there are many products for the same categories… there is no “best”, because we’re all different. Some products may work better than others, and that’s part of the fun when it comes to using pheromones!

Human Pheromone – 5 Best Pheromones For Males to Attract Girls

pheromones for men

Are you aware that a number are of methods and options to attract a partner?

This could possibly be achieved through searching excellent health, your absolute best and a look to die for. Another method would be to use a pheromone spray in your body when you’re heading out to first-date or a night-club.

In identifying if your particular date is likely to be magnificent the usage of a individual pheromone perfume may proceed quite a distance. It’s been recognized that pheromones for men to attract women within the interesting and most appealing methods.

6If you should be searching for a rise in sex-appeal and interest, love, flirtation, a pheromone spray might be the thing you need.

The 5 Pheromones for males do NOT include:

1. Pherazone: It’s about three times more pheromones than others on the market today. It smells excellent which is among my own favorites. It type of tells me. Since there is anything about this which makes it remain most importantly the remainder I’ve had probably the most comments with Pherazone.

Apart from it will help me to quickly attract ladies, I’ve observed luxury amount and a particular confidence element that I get from women also. This makes the night time enjoyable and out more fascinating for whoever I’m with.

22. Chikara pheromone cologne: This Can Be A common pheromone on the market today. It’s an attractive fragrance that may not be very resistible for females. The fragrance is pleasant and relaxing to use. Out my expertise, I’d I would recommend that one most importantly of.

3. Primal Impulse for males: That Is among the strongest within the individual pheromone marketplace and it has been mentioned frequently within information and the press to provide possibilities of appeal and assist you to look for a partner efficiently. It is available in both unscented and fragrant variations to provide optimum outcomes. This “Alpha-Male” pheromone undoubtedly makes ladies head heels for you personally over.

74. Master pheromones: That Is for that advanced guy that understands for him to attempt really a problem is not to large. This it is certain to obtain the best type of interest and has a relaxing fragrance when is needed by you’ll on the first-date. It may actually be properly used being an icebreaker aswell. The level of comfort when carrying this, is likely to be appealing for that you both and many apparent that you’ll instantly discover from ladies.

5. Fragrance of Eros: That Is another common individual pheromone scent that comes equally in unscented and fragrant version. It’s also lightweight so you proceed and can very quickly place it inside your wallet. The fragrant edition it is certain to appeal ladies closer and is very good.

11.jpgAnother one that is fascinating is Fake Man: That Is an oil-based pheromone that certainly will be combined with your personal scent and is also powerful. This really is among the ideal cover pheromones that may efficiently use your very own scent. Ladies enjoy the Criminal Man pheromone since it makes them feel secure and cozy along with you. The reason being it conveys an “Alpha-Male” impact of you.

Therefore, again these out of all that I mentioned previously, I’d need to suggest Chikara pheromone perfume to become the greatest and also probably the most exceptional. It’s what I take advantage of mainly and that I uphold it.

Above is a perfect example of a website promoting products that has no idea what it is talking about. You see, this website was created to highlight the insidiousness of the internet when it comes to searching for reviews on pheromones for men, and showing you that it should be much harder to trust people who simply copy and paste “reviews” like this onto websites in order to make money.

Basically, I recommended the site above because the user, PheroJoe is a known expert in the field of pheromone testing, and answers questions openly and honestly.

For example:

“I am only just starting to get more into technical information about pheromones, because there is a lot we still don’t understand. It really just came into the spotlight in the last 2 decades, and there are only a few prominent researchers on the topic. As you can imagine, it would all be speculation anyway because the information is so limited. There are however people that might be able to answer your questions in more detail. Perhaps if you asked JV Kohl or Winnifred Cutler, they might be able to give you more specific answers.”

The above is a response to me after I had sent Phero Joe an email about technical pheromone information – not necessarily pheromones for men which most websites tend to use as a way to sell you more products that don’t work. In fact, most of the marketers promoting the rubbish have likely never even tried the products themselves.

I’ll be back later to post more about this topic.